The restaurant


Cioccolocanda cuisine is an integral element of structure, being everything posted above chocolate factory by Silvio Bessone.

The magical scent of freshly roasted cocoa or minced hazelnuts just pervade the locals set up a chocolate Museum.

The restaurant is nestled within the Museum officially opened on 30 September 2011.

The kitchen is based primarily on the magnificent produce Monregalese ranging from magnificent Fassona Piemontese breed meat or Rabbits "Cuneo" Capon of Morozzo Sambucano Lamb "or Frabosano.

Traditional local Alpine cheeses but also cheeses with fresh milk and cocoa nib directly into our kitchens.


But the contamination of cocoa is clearly!


Recent studies and collaborations with leading nutritionists have led us to realize a Healthy and curative cuisine with scientific basis of nutraceutics, where attention to risk factors is in the foreground, but without losing the important aspects.

Fractionated cocoa in its different forms allows you to use cocoa butter with olive oil for frying read and fragrant, the cocoa nib as a spice or Breading meats, crisp cocoa mass expertly delicate oil diluted in olive oil as a condiment or sauce of precious salads, the cocoa powder to scent dough homemade noodles or tasty potato dumplings.

For desserts we just invite you to try them not just chocolate but also delicious Rum Babas produced in our laboratory in compliance with the original Neapolitan, the Panbanana method, the Moor's head in Bronte pistachio and the Cuneo soft fruit, Fudge Pie extra virgin olive oil Cholesterol Free, artisanal ice cream magnifent and above all to the infinite range of chocolates and Pralinesfresh fruit jellies, and endless pastries.

A special mention must be made to the "Charter of Chocolates of the world" 44 varieties of chocolates products in Tablet and presented in an attractive vertical chocolates where the client with the help of scieglierà and Chocolatiers will accompany with a magnificent selection of dessert wines or liqueur distilled from chinati and incredible Rum at Techile, Vieux marc de Champagne, Armagnac, Calvados, grappa from different types and backgrounds.